Cell Phone Culture

For a short time earlier this summer I found myself in a bit of a 
photography slump and decided that I needed a break from my camera.
The bombardment of exceptional photo newsfeed flashing across my 
screen daily were beginning to make me feel like a tiny fish 
surrounded by huge beautiful whales, and self doubt was settling in. The prolific amount of newsfeed was due to the fact that I often seek out images to learn and apply some of my own techniques. 
It's a fine line between shooting what makes you happy and shooting 
towards trends.

Hence, my break to re charge my creativity. Sometimes just being is 
all it takes; taking in the beauty without trying to physically 
capture it. No more newsfeed and no more forcing myself to produce 
art, (for  a short time) :)

Here's what happened - Like most people, I usually carry a cell      phone, especially while travelling; admittedly, its mostly for the 
camera on it. While on my break, I discovered that I truly am 
addicted to photography! As frustrating as the whole cell phone 
culture can be, the camera on it feeds my addiction.

For years I have scoffed at people who whipped out their phones to 
capture moments. To those people, I apologize. Recently I, too, have 
come to appreciate the usefulness of the cell phone camera.

 Going from shooting fully manual on my full frame camera, I love how uncomplicated and light the cellphone camera is. No fuss, just a 
little time to compose and consider where the light is coming from 
and then, click. Even without the multitude of available apps to     enhance and play with pics, it's pretty darn easy to snap some very  appealing photos. I like the fact that you can chose to use the 
flash and that you can choose bursts to select the best jump shot.
The pano option has enabled some impressive all encompassing mountainand beach shots. I am also surprised by the depth of field and the   vivid  colours the cell phones produce. Perhaps paying a little more for phones is not a bad thing if you consider the fact that you get a
two in one gadget.

I still often edit my cell photos in photoshop, usually to crop as 
the cameras zoom is not really worth using in my opinion. I also 
might do a little shadows and light edits but really the editing in 
the camera is more than adequate, with artistic options at the touch of a button.

Cell phone photography is an easy and uncomplicated way to look at   the world through a lens and learn the basics. Perhaps I'm showing myage.  I've gone from film, to digital to cell phone, thats not sayingI'm ready to give up my camera. Its nice to see more and more people are transitioning from phones to "real" cameras and that always makesme happy!

Even though I was on a break this summer, my photographer mind never
really turned off. My cell phone fed my addiction periodically and I was glad for it. I concluded that I can never really turn off but I 
can make a conscious decision to leave the phone at home while on a 
walk in the woods.

If you call and there's no answer, leave a message. I'm out 
re-charging. I'll be back with my camera...
These obviously weren't all taken this summer, but give an idea 
on what can be captured with cell in hand.


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Photographer of most anything to do with landscapes, and nature in general from backyard to around the world

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