Do Dew Spider Art

Yesterday I was driving home from Toronto in the early morning fog,
and I was thinking how I'd much rather be in a field with spider webs covered in dew, than stuck in traffic. That's not to say I 
particularly like spiders, but I absolutely do marvel at their web 
building skills.

I hope I can inspire some of you to head out early in the right 
conditions to capture the beautiful effort spiders put into building their webs; fog, no wind, dew, and a field or garden near by.

Tread lightly, spend some time to take in the scene, get creative.
Try to fill your frame with the web and pay attention to what's in 
the background. Using a shallow depth of field, (smaller numbers on
your aperture) try to choose a background that is all the same colour or shade. If you have a macro setting on your camera, even better.
Look at the way the light shines on the web and how it lights up the beads of dew like a string of pearls. Sometimes the dapples of light shining through in the background are quite striking, especially when using shallow depth of field; small f number = small depth of field.

Although your first shot might be "the one", let's assume that it's 
not. Move around, change up the perspective, constantly paying 
attention to the background. You begin to see the spiders personality through their web creations.

If you have a macro lens, yeah you! Use it. Macros have a tendency to really blur the back ground when using a shallow depth of field. 
Think small f number = large aperture = shallow depth of field. Also the closer you are to your subject and more zoomed in, the shallower your depth of field becomes.
I wish that I'd read this blog before taking these shots I'm sharing with you today. I noticed that I only used my macro on one of them.  It worked out alright for me, as I was zoomed in pretty close, which 
also tends to result in shallower depth of field.

We can all learn from our blunders, to be sure there will be other 
foggy days and if I'm willing, I can get out of bed early to try 
again. How shallow can one get, of course I'll get out of bed.

If you get a chance to experiment with dewy webs, feel free to share with me and other readers. Tell us your about your triumphs and your


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