In Ontario, it’s that time of year when we put our summer toys away and start pulling out our mitts and toques.  But before the cold white snow takes over our landscapes, there are a few weeks of pure awe inspiring magic in the air. We have colour with frost, wind, dew and long shadows to play with, also a bonus of no bugs…

For some reason, perhaps the paramount colours that come with fall, I find myself changing up my usual angles and typical scenes. It looks like a party out there so why not gussy up your creative juices and have some fun. I’m talking multiple exposures, camera movement, macro and super wide angles. Don’t ignore the windy wet days either, but remember to protect your camera.

Various stages of life, looking straight down trying to keep things sharp front to back.
A sure sign of life preparing for renewal in a few months. The dark background works to make the pod stand out. Choose a dark background with a large aperture (small number) creating shallow depth of field


18 copy
Orange yellow and green leaves with a touch of blue sky peeking through. Play with shutter speeds and ISO while moving your camera around.
DSC_7284ABC copy
Windy days can prove very forgiving , let the movement in.
DSC_7390A copy
Low sun setting on the leaves creating strong shadows and deep colours.
DSC_7578A copy
Sunburst are created by using Aperture priority set to 22 or higher, lower ISO and a wide focal length around 18mm or less. The narrow aperture creates a very small opening for the light to pass through.
DSC_7642A copy 3
sometimes you have to get your feet wet to get the shot
Contrasting colours on the white snow. I added a bit more light to whiten the snow. Most cameras have this option to + or – light. If you’re not sure where the option is or how to use it, look in your cameras manual.
I liked how the water in the background reflected the colours in the leaves


Reflections are one of my favourite things to shoot

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