Moon Writing

This week the moon was full and shone brightly on Lake Ontario. 
Because photographing the moon is a fun challenge, but I never do 
much with the print afterwards, I decided to have a little fun
"writing" with the moon. 

To do this I set my Nikon D700 on manual,I
focused on the moon and printed out the letters moving my camera in 
tiny printing motions moving left to right. 

The first night the sky was clear and the moon was white. The next 
night there was a haze over the lake and the moon was bright orange.

Afterward, on the computer I had to turn the images around as they 
came out upside down and backwards, you can avoid this by "printing 
backwards" while taking the photo, but I find that very difficult.
The red squiggly lines are from wind turbine lights off in the 
f5.6, 5 seconds shutter, ISO 800 28mm. Handheld
F5.6, 10 seconds shutter, ISO 800 62mm