Welcome to Daily Dose

Welcome to my world of photography! I am so excited to share my work with you. My art encompasses pretty much everything; from macro bugs and flowers, to lakes and mountains, to landscapes around the world. Not to mention, a touch of architecture as well as a few babies and birds to make you smile. I live on the shores of Lake Ontario and I love to explore the movement of the water. If you’re interested, I’ll not only tell you how I captured the image, but even how I rendered it with a bit of photoshop – which sometimes, can be the most fun.

DSC_1480newmotion blur
Ice on Lake Ontario, Kingston
The milky way over Lk Ontario with added guests
A visit to Calgary
Sunrise on ice under the dock, with added guest
Mt. Assiniboine, British Columbia
ice windowbetter
Hole in ice with added sunrise for punch