Welcome to Daily Dose Photos

Welcome fellow photographers and lovers of digital art.
The purpose of this site is to share insight into my photos taken 
from my backyard to my travels from around the world.

Photography is my passion and it is my aim to help the beginner 
photographer reach the next level of their goal as artists with some
tips and insight.

Digital photography is an art and after capturing an image, the magichappens in the computer. Sometimes with just a little tweaking, a 
ho-hum photo can become a thing of beauty.

I use photoshop, but if you use another program, no worries, as most of the time all I need is some cropping, lighting or saturation.
Sometimes I like to alter reality and thats ok too, I'll let you in 
on some of my methods. With digital photography, the sky's the limit.

Where ever you are, get out today and take some pictures. Practice 
makes perfect.
Enjoy the Daily Dose and let me know if I've led you to some new 

Happy Snapping,